SITS installs networks for railways and telecommunication

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The SITS group installs networks for telecommunication, railway signalling and railway stations.

Founded in 1969 as the Société d’Installation Téléphonique et Signalisation (Company for Telephony Installation and Signalling), the SITS group operates in urban settings and possesses expertise dedicated to railway facilities, its primarily specialty.

SITS’s core competences are civil engineering works and network cabling for railway signalling and telecommunication.

Portique de signalisation

SITS also performs tests and verifications to ensure that an installed network works correctly. Its complementary expertise in metal work allows the fabrication and assembly of elements essential to its tasks.

Laying optical fibre

The demand for bandwidth and therefore for fibre-optic lines is ever-increasing. For the installation of optical fibre over long distances, SITS offers two services:

  1. The installation of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubes.
  2. The installation of optical fibres in these tubes by using either compressed air or water. SITS was the forerunner for these techniques in France.


A major player

With its expertise in laying copper cables and fibre optics, SITS plays a major role in railway signalling and in the deployment of broadband networks for telecom operators. SITS now employs 120 people; its headquarters is 55 km west of Paris.

Feux de signalisation

Automated installation of cables along railway tracks

For the installation of optical fibre, a railway line offers a direct right-of-way between city centres, with a sole proprietor, limited access, few hard surfaces and little conflict with other networks. SITS is specialised in the automated installation of tubes for fibre optics and of copper cables along railway lines,

  • either by using an autonomous, narrow, off-track excavator that does not block rail traffic,
  • or by using the CableRail® system.

The CableRail® system

The versatile CableRail® system from SITS installs and protects copper cables and tubes for optical fibre along railway lines. Fast, safe, secure, precise and economical, CableRail® supports railway signalling and telecommunications by installing copper cables and/or HDPE tubes for optical fibre. A railway track also gives CableRail® an ideal platform to automate these operations. CableRail® offers two solutions:

  • CableRail Surface® installs cable troughs, cables, tubes and trough covers at a speed of 300 metres/hour.
  • CableRail Sub® buries cables and tubes up to 80 cm deep at 420 metres/hour.

The CableRail® system is adaptable to the technical and regulatory constraints of railway environments in Europe and worldwide.

diapo02 diapo04
CableRail Surface® automates the installation of cables and HDPE tubes in cable troughs. CableRail Sub® automates burial of cables and HDPE tubes up to 80 cm deep.

The THEMELIN subsidiary

SITS’s THEMELIN subsidiary installs and connects electrical and fibre-optic networks, mainly in railway stations. THEMELIN operates throughout France. Projects include:

  • Lighting, public address systems, clocks, displays (including passenger information and billboards), remote surveillance systems, access control, alarm systems and fire protection.
  • Basic components for such facilities, including power supply stations, network bays and distribution nodes.

These activities are based on THEMELIN’s expertise in installing local energy and communication networks. Contact THEMELIN.

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Strengths of the SITS group

The SITS group works autonomously to provide turnkey solutions. SITS offers its customers – notably large railway and telecommunication companies – quick and thorough responses that include design and implementation.

Opérateurs SITS équipés qui ripent des câbles de signalisation

SITS offers a wide range of expertise and services in the following areas:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Technical design projects
  • In-depth knowledge of the technologies and environment of the railway
  • Management, supervision and execution of works
  • Work site quality assurance
  • Work site safety assurance

Some SITS group highlights

Installation de câbles le long de voies ferrées, en caniveaux ou enfouissement. Pose de fibre optique avec acheminement en tube par flottage (eau) ou par portage (air). Des réalisations phare comme l’étude, la conception et l’installation des affichages centraux de la Gare de Lyon à Paris (Hall 2) et de la Gare d’Avignon TGV.
SITS installs copper cables and tubes for fibre optics along railway tracks, either in cable troughs or by direct burial. SITS runs optical fibre through HDPE tubes by using pressurised air or water. The company was a pioneer for these techniques in France. SITS’s flagship projects have included the design and installation of the central displays of major railway stations such as Hall 2 of Paris’s Gare de Lyon and Avignon TGV.